LED Light Stick and LED Deco

LED Laser Beam Finger Ring
 Bright LED light
Each light has an elastic band that attach to fingers
Each strap comes with batteries (replaceable)
4 x finger strap (red, white, blue and green)

Price: RM 6 a set

LED Flashing Hand Clapper
Material: Plastic, Size: 28 cm
Power: button battery
Colors: pink, green, blue, red, yellow
Bright LED flashing light of red, green & blue
Price: RM 6 each

LED Foam Light Stick
 Size: 48cm(length) 4cm(diameter), material: foam
light color: red, green and blue on one stick
with 3 different flashing function: fast flashing, slow flashing 
and non-order flashing
Price: RM 5 each 

Flashing Light LED Spectacles
Material: Plastic
Power: button battery (replaceable)
Frame colors: white, purple, red, blue, green, pink
Bright LED multicolored light
Price: RM 12 each

LED Flashing Bangle
Size: inside Diameter: 67mm, Outside Diameter: 85mm
Material: acrylic , Power: 3 x AG3 battery (Included)
Bright LED multicolored light
Excellent for Club, Party, Rave, Disco, Stage, Bon fire, Camp fire, Concerts
Price: RM 6 each

7.5inch LED Light Stick
 battery operated , batteries included
Size: 7.5 inch
Price: RM 5 each

LED Whistle
 battery operated , batteries included
light mode: flashing light
material: plastic , cord included
Price: RM 6 each

LED Crown Headband
color: white, blue, red, yellow, pink
Price: RM 6 each

LED Flashing Hand Fan
Material: Plastic, Size: 28 x 17 cm
Power: button battery
Light Colors: 3 flashing colors of red, green, blue
Handle Colors: random
Bright LED flashing light
Price: RM 8 each

LED Gloves
multicolored flashing light
batteries included (replaceable batteries)
gloves not washable
light mode: slow flash, quick flash, stable

Price: RM 39 per pair

LED underwater light
size: 1 x 1 inch
multicolored flashing light
Price: RM 8 each

LED Glass
multicolored flashing light
Price: RM 10 each

LED Jelly Ring
flashing light jelly ring
Price: RM 4 each

LED Flicker Candle (M)
Just like a real candle, Safer than real candles
No flame, no melted wax, no smoke, environment friendly
No need to worry about something catching on fire or the flame burning out
Great for home parties, outdoor parties, weddings, bridal/baby showers, restaurants
size: 32 x 36mm
Price: RM 4 each