Halloween Costume

Skeleton Costume Set
includes costume, mask and gloves
adult free size
Price: RM 59/set

Female Ghost Costume Set
includes costume, wig and nails
adult free size
Price: RM 79/set

Vampire Costume Set
includes cloak and glow in dark mask
adult free size
Price: RM 79/set

Instant Witch Set
includes hat, fake teeth, nails, nose & chin
Price: RM 25

Witch Cape
1.2m long
Price: RM 49

Supergirl Costume
includes jumpsuit, cape, boot cover
size: L/XL
Price: RM 99

Skeleton Costume
Adult Free Size
Price: RM 39

Skeleton Fabric Gloves
Price: RM12

Skeleton Latex Gloves
Material: Fabric & Latex
Price: RM 20

Vampire Cloak
Material: Light Weight Fabric
Waist Length 90cm - Price: RM 49
Knee Length 114cm- Price: RM 55
Full Length 140cm- Price: RM 59

Zombie Costume
adult size
robe only
Price: RM 69

Wolf Gloves
latex and hair
Price: RM 25

Freddy Krueger's Gloves
brown cloth glove with plastic adjustable finger straps fasteners and soft, safe plastic "blades"
Also has movable knuckle joints and adjustable wrist strap for fit and functionality
Price: RM 15